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Are you looking for Fitbit customer service support helpline for health fitness items and ideas contact phone number? No problem all you need to do is just pick up your phone, dial 877-623-4997 and get the answer of all the questions in your mind.

Find your fit with Fitbit's family of fitness products that help you stay motivated and improve your health by tracking your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep. Fitbit's customer service representatives are always ready to answer all the possible queries in your mind. The phone number given above is the best way in order to speak or live chat with Fitbit technical or sales department quickly.

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So in order to have a quick Fitbit contact customer support, you just need to punch these numbers, 877-623-4997 on your XOLO (X900) phone. So it means you should not be facing any problem in speaking to Fitbit's customer service representatives. Don't be shy in case you are bringing up some trouble questions in your mind, just talk to our customer service representative. At Fitbit, customer representatives department is trained to serve you untiringly. Feel free to visit our websites listed below if still there is anything itching your mind regarding Fitbit online or live support and phone numbers.

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120 Reviews
Diana Gordon
Diana Gordon November 30, 05:34 PM

I am in England ....the fit bit rose coloured bracelet is too big & I would dearly love to exchange it for a smaller size BUT there is no return address No answer to my emails & the tel no 1-877-623-4997 never answers!! This should be an easy procedure WHY am I left like this ????wish I had gone to a shop now;thought dealing with Fitbit would have been more professional.I am now left with a bracelet I paid £79 utterly useless......I NEED HELP

Brian Kilbey
Brian Kilbey November 25, 11:19 AM

My fitbit charge hr large black A 8476 bought 05/3/16 from Dick Smith sale Number 273-122928 band is fulling part.Can you place. Brian

April Dangelis
April Dangelis November 23, 09:28 AM

I bought a fit bit and lost it with in 3 hours of work is there's anything you can do

mahesh November 08, 07:00 AM

Hi lost my charger fitbit blaze I need to buy in authorised center of fitbit tr is available in bangalore

Richard Boardman
Richard Boardman November 04, 08:28 PM

I have two (2) Charge HR. I am generally satisfied with the performance regarding steps, calories, heart rate etc however each has a unsatisfactory problem. The first the band has bubbled, a repair with super glue has not been very successful, on the second the material round the charging port has broken away making charging extremely difficult.
I wish to continue using a tracking device and must seriously consider alternative brands.

Michael October 19, 03:26 PM

I recived my fit bit as a gift in Decmber or Janurary not sure and the botton broke. Please inform me how I can get it fit or send it for replace it


Therese best
Therese best October 18, 06:28 AM

I have trying to contact Fitbit I have sent 5 or 6 emails, photos of the broken band, I have tried calling them, I keep on getting automated messages, my husband was given his Fitbit by me in June, 4 months, I am so frustrated, I cannot find a number for Australia, and they keep on talking in riddles. This is a joke, it has been going for weeks, I have asked to replace the band but again no answer, I am thinking of going to consumer affairs if I do not get a reply from the, frustrated.

Nageswara rao
Nageswara rao October 17, 06:42 PM

Fitbit - charge was gifted by son at us on August 16. I came to India ( chennai in tamilnadu) and I couldn't change time and date. I rang lot of times to service centre but they did not care to ring. Can you help me

Jack September 16, 08:53 PM

Wow, I'm glad I didn't read all these negative reviews prior to buying my fitbit surge. I love it!!! It keeps me motivated to surpass 10,000 steps everyday. There are days I have hit 20,000 steps. Let me add one more thing. Now that I have lost some weight, I feel a lot better about myself. THANK YOU FITBIT !

Madeline September 11, 09:12 AM

I forgot to say I am in Victoria Australia. Thanks for some one out there who can help me. Truly I am ready to throw it away right now!

Madeline September 11, 09:10 AM

I am beyond frustration trying to charge my Fitbit flex to the point of being ready to chuck it away. It just is such a pain and I have cleaned it, I have tried every way I can but it just flashes for a second and stops again. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME OUT!

Julie September 09, 07:00 AM

Hi I'm trying to find out the Australian contact details for fitbit. My HR is only 8months old and has a crack across it"s glass face and won't work any more I need to get it fixed . Help

anil.ravella September 01, 11:30 PM

I wasn't able to get notifications on surge.even Bluetooth also automatically is going to on n off.cud u plz let me know the service center near to Hyderabad.india

Carolyn Richards
Carolyn Richards August 31, 02:49 AM

Since getting my fit bit for a birthday present when I use it it counts steps even though I'm not walking how to I stop it as I can't get it to work cleared it started again several times
But it continues to do this

John Chaplin
John Chaplin August 23, 07:13 PM

Hi team

Please can you help me.
When setting up the Fitbit Alta for my wife Kathleen Chaplin I missed the 'L' out of our email address. I.e. ([email protected]) so we have had no feedback.
Would you please email me and tell me how to correct it.
Thank you

John Chaplin

John August 19, 07:01 AM

How can I get the APP on my computer for my CHARGE H R MY COMPUTER IS XP ? THANK YOU.

Breeda oregan
Breeda oregan August 12, 11:05 AM

I had my lovely fit bit watch on my wrist y/day and was devastated when u took it off to shower, and found the clip was closing it missing .i immediately searched the pool and so far it hasn't been found .this actually is the second time this has happened and it really shouldn't ??,please advise me ?thank you,.

Jim Laidlaw
Jim Laidlaw August 11, 09:28 AM

Had he since Xmas. Stopped working doesn't appear to charge. No lights on when charging or pushing button. I'm in Melbourne Australia how do I get it fixed.?

Annette August 11, 04:47 AM

I have lost my fitbit and was told that you replace them free of charge. I bought it about 18 months ago from JBHi Fi Brisbane Australia.
Many thanks

Ross August 02, 09:02 PM

Bought the Fitbit ALTRA LOVE THE THING But after a month it stopped working .They sent me a replace and now I loss it .The strap on these things suck you pay almost 200 dollars for a product and the strap is junk you lose it to bad for you . Very unhappy customer or should I say former customer .

Velma August 01, 11:28 PM

Had my FitBit Charge since Christmas. Absolutely love it but it has been acting up. Will charge but not syncing at all. Has different times of the day and not accurate. Not tracking steps. Caller ID comes through. HELP as I quit wearing and I am really missing it!! : )

Thank you!

Abbey July 27, 10:00 AM

I have had my Blaze for 3 Months even less.. and I just put it in the charging dock and all it does is flash the fit bit Diamond, no matter what I do it just keeps on flashing. I've taken it off the charger and let it go flat and then put it back on and still didn't work.

Please help or suggest, I am in AUSTRALIA and by the looks of things emailing and calling is difficult.

Margene Boyd
Margene Boyd July 18, 07:49 PM

I have had my Fitbit since Jan/16 and it has broken at the band and the panel. I would like to know if this could be fixed or replaced. I use it all the time and I hate to think that it would not last longer then 6-7 months

sandra July 21, 05:39 PM

Just called Fitbit cause my panel broke off the back. I purchased it in Feb 2016. Wonderful service. I will receive my new one in 7 business days. Very happy!

Joan markle
Joan markle July 15, 08:00 PM

Could you tell me how I could get my Fitbit replaced that quit working.

Lizette Brady
Lizette Brady July 14, 04:32 PM

Hi there,

I was given a Fitbit charge for Xmas in 2014 which was purchased at Dick Smith Westgate in Auckland. However, the battery was going from charging once every 5 days to needing a charge twice a day. I returned it to the Dick Smith branch Westgate and was given a refund and purchased a Fitbit Charge HR small plus an extended 1 year Warranty. This was done on the 26/09/2015. Which meant I now had a two year warranty from this date.

The company Dick Smith has closed down and my Fitbit strap is broken and I am very unhappy as my Fitbit is still under warranty but the company no longer exists.

Your assistance in this matter would greatly be appreciated.

Lizette Brady

Cindy Barry
Cindy Barry June 19, 05:34 AM

I absolutely love my Fitbit wear it daily and I am motivated to get my steps.Had it for more than a year now. The strap is broken just about in half on the inside. Don't no why but can u help me with this thanks for your time

hannah berry
hannah berry June 08, 11:21 PM

mine is not showing the lights and its not tracking my steps I just stopped wearing it

G King
G King June 01, 01:25 AM

I have had my Fit bit for approximately a year and half. My problem is the plastic on the of device. The plate will not hold on to the charging cable. Where can I purchase a new plastic piece. Thanks for help.

Del May 31, 02:20 AM

I found a fitbit can you tell me how I can return it to it's rightful owner.

Kind regards Del

Natalie May 13, 08:10 AM

The Fitbit hr is causing a rash. Do you have an Australian contact number

Claudia May 19, 03:50 PM

Hey Natalie I'm also trying to get a hold of an Australian number because I have a charge hr but mine is not causing a rash at all but it has stopped working completely and it will not charge and when it was charging it wasn't holding charge for more than 20 hours

Kelley allen
Kelley allen June 12, 06:58 AM

Can anyone help, i have had my fitbit 6mths and have reciept i need to have my fit bit replaced it wouldnt sycronise or charge correctly now it wont even turn here in australia and would like a number in australia can any one help very frustated as have a faulty product and noone to help.

Phone no for au
Phone no for au July 07, 05:06 AM

I also need a au number.
Does anyone have one?

Atul kanuga
Atul kanuga May 12, 09:05 AM

My fit belt is not getting charged.can you suggest solution for the same ?

Claudia May 19, 03:52 PM

Mine to what kind do u have

Ryan May 11, 04:57 AM

My time is a hour behind and I can't fix it

Raju May 08, 06:21 AM

No lights not working not getting charged pl advice (delhi)

Neesha May 02, 04:46 PM

Hi, Can you Please help me the fitbit charge for service and repair contact number i am from chennai

Caroline April 19, 09:28 AM

My Fitbit is falling apart at the seams, have only had it since Christmas. Not good have paid for extra for product care. Please replace

LALITHA. G April 15, 05:23 PM

A friend of mine gifted me a Fit bit zip about six months ago. It was fine till now. Suddenly it is showing wrong counts and some indication is flickering. Can anyone suggest anyone in Coimbatore who can put this right ?

Lisa hughes
Lisa hughes April 15, 01:35 AM

Hi my husband bought me my fit bit for my birthday last November (22nd) it's been great but now won't charge there's no lights on it at all please help .

tharun April 13, 01:04 PM

hi..! can anyone help me providing details about service centres for fitbit! in telangana (state) region INDIA.urgently needed!!!

Lorna East
Lorna East April 11, 08:02 PM

My children purchased a Fitbit ChargeHR for my birthday in January 2016 today I have tried to use it and notice that the side of the display has cracked open and the strap has lifted, tried to plug it in but it won't charge. ANy advice on a repair of some sort would be appreciated . This product is barely three months old.

Joan magnavite
Joan magnavite April 08, 04:30 AM

I cannot syncing Fitbit with my iPad. It worked and suddenly stopped syncing after it starts? Please help

Becky Younce
Becky Younce April 11, 07:48 PM

My fitbit was working fine until last Thursday when it stopped syncing. I tried to uninstall and reinstall and it won't do it. It also has the wrong date and time now. Any ideas?

Norman Leyland
Norman Leyland April 05, 04:12 AM

I received a Christmas present from my son of a Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep
Wristband and unfortunately when I was helping with furniture removing it must have fallen off
my wrist and I have been unable to trace it. I am 71 years of age and it was bought for health
reasons as I suffer from high blood pressure and am presently under medication.
The last weekly progress report was on the 22nd March total of 90953 steps under the name of
Norman Leyland my email address being Norman.leyland@
Because it was a present I do not have a receipt. Would you consider a replacement at a reduced
Cost as I am dependant on this to help me health wise.
My postal address is 1 Fir Close, Larkholme Estate,Fleetwood,Lancashire FY7 8QS
Telephone Number 01253 771692.

Isaac April 03, 12:21 PM

My HR FIT BIT Showing problem account and the same is not working after repeated tries.

Debbie Agresti
Debbie Agresti March 30, 01:06 PM

My Fitbit is only a couple of months old and has been working fine until a few days ago. I can not get it to sync to my iPhone I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting the Fitbit it seems to find it ok it just won't update and I get a error message error 522 I have emailed service centre here in Australia with no reply so I hope you can help me.

Rbritain April 05, 06:52 AM

I find it impossible to find a phone number in Australia for Fitbit,for such a popular device with no backup is crazy. All I want is charger for the model 1 Fitbit, to get one I would have to buy another one to get a charger at $120.00 dollars I don't think so.

Debbie Agresti
Debbie Agresti March 30, 12:55 PM

My Fitbit HR is only a couple of months old and had been working fine until a few days ago I can not get it to sync to my iPhone have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting it seem to

Smith March 30, 11:21 AM

How do I Sync fitbit to iphone 6s

Yia viruet
Yia viruet March 28, 01:14 PM

Compré el fit bit alta y no le e podido sincroniza. Sale que lo reconoce y no conecta

Alan March 25, 04:29 PM

I have not been able to plug the charger into the rear if my charge HR wristband, the plug end looks too big, what do I do now?

Annabelle March 23, 07:32 AM

I have a faulty fitbit force and have been told by the fitbit team that it will be replaced with a Fitbit charge. I have had no response via email or the Fitbit face book page. Is there an Australia number that I can call or can you help me???

Jean-Marie L'Eveille
Jean-Marie L'Eveille March 20, 09:09 AM

I received my Fitbit as a gift for Father's Day last year (Sept 2015). It was been working fine up to a few weeks ago when it just when blank. I have tried charging it but it just doesn't switch on. Please advise what I need to do to have it repaired or exchanged for a working one.

Debbie.coutinho March 19, 08:22 AM

This is more about my fitbit charge bouh in August 2015 with an extended warranty for an additional 2 years. My strap has come off the monitor.. i have gone to the store where i purchased it from in Australia NSWand they have advised me to contact the fitbit service centre. Please help

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